View Full Version : Seeking GS user for hymn arranging

07-20-1999, 04:11 PM
I\'m involved in a project where a church will be replacing their present (in sad shape) music program with a totally MIDI driven solution.

I hope to use GS for piano/organ/orchestra due obviously to it\'s realism. What I would like to do is find someone with a background in church music willing to work for hire on a per song arranging basis.

Typical hymns would be \"How Great Thou Art\", \"All Hail the Power\", \"Holy, Holy, Holy\". Additionally some more current chorus\' would be integrated in with the hymns using the same arranging style and sound pallet.

Owning the Advanced Orchestra library will be neccesary since I don\'t want to end up remapping/editing work that someone working on a unrelated rig would produce. (since their sample libray isn\'t purchased yet there is the possibility of using another GS orchestra library).

Anyone possibly interested in such a project please email me to discuss details RonReitz@aol.com