View Full Version : Another odd thing: bizarre modulations in sample

07-27-1999, 09:47 PM
Luckily, I solved this problem, but it took an evening to finally get to the bottom of it.

I was getting a fast modulation in my AO brass french horns samples, but I set the controller to zero in cakewalk. It would even out, then go back. I defragged my disk, checked the DMA box and reinstalled the samples from the AKAI disk . . . same thing.

Finally, I happened to turn off my QS-8 synth and presto, that solved the problem. I had my MIDI out from the soundcrown card going to my QS-8 then a MIDI through to a second Roland synth.

Somehow, the QS-8 was inducing a modulation in the sample. I didn\'t think that could happen since cakewalk plays the sample on GS without using any path through an external MIDI module, or does it?

The QS-8 has an odd way of doing it\'s multitimbral. It does a mix including effects and treats that as a final sound. The effects could have had some effect on GS sample playing, but I don\'t see how.

Could also have been an artifact from my little 8 channel mixer as well.

Just a tip in case anyone else starts to tear their hair out. Isolate any external modules from your mixer early on.