View Full Version : Mr. Lux....about the Virtuoso Strings Library

Mahlon Bouldin
07-28-1999, 02:34 PM
Thanks for your answer (thanks to Holger too). Are you using the Akai version in Gigasampler, or in an Akai or other sampler?
You said that you mostly score serious, dramatic subjects and the strings aren\'t good for this. Do you mean that the Virtuoso strings aren\'t impersonal enough, for instance, in terms of the kind of strings that you always hear recorded for Vaughan-Williams scores, those strings tend to sound sweet (or darkly lush) and SPACIOUS and far away, and they have very little vibrato. Is this what the Virtuoso Strings are NOT good for.
I am using Vitous and a few patches from AO, but, like Dave said, mostly the short styles from AO. I don\'t find Vitous to totally fit the bill --though they really fit the bill on my credit card --whoah. Thank GOD you said that the programming is better on the Virtuoso Strings than Vitous. That\'s one of ILIO\'s strong points.

Thanks if you have time to Respond. Also, if ILIO is willing to transfer title, would you be interested in selling the library?

Mahlon Bouldin

Dave Of NemeSys
07-29-1999, 07:18 PM
You will love the programing for the GigaSamper version of the Miroslav Strings and Brass. Miroslav is tuning and tweaking the instruments as we speak. Once I put his tunings in the big files and finisht the help files, we will ship. No sleep for the next couple weeks for me.
Take care

Danny Lux
07-30-1999, 09:33 AM
I am using the AKAI version right now. I tried to convert a couple of programs that had Basses to Violins already smoothly mapped across the keyboard. These programs did not convert that great i.e. some keys had no samples on them when converted. Most of the library is laid out as individual sections. I think these individual sections will probably convert fairly well.
To answer your other question, the string samples that are most useful to me, are ones that do not contain very much vibrato. The virtuoso string library does not have any samples that fall in this category. I would say that the expressive strings in the Miroslav library is somewhat the style you get in Virtuoso library. The Virtuoso library covers a wide variety of section sizes, including 2 violins, etc... which are really good sounding. I am going to hang on to the library with hopes that at some point I will get some use out of it. I hope this helps you make a decision.