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John Pin
08-12-1999, 02:11 AM
Ive been working through the tutorials, making instruments etc..Getting familiar withthe GS. Has anyone noticed that all the components of the dnbass construction kit that is supplied with GS as a demo arent there. I was trying to reconstruct the grooves they have and there are parts missing. Is this because its just a demo..or does the actual dnbass cd not have all the parts all the time...


Dave Of NemeSys
08-12-1999, 02:52 PM
I think that is the way the library works. What is included in the demo is a handfull of complete kits from the actual CD-ROM. Feel free to email me or post some details on what you are looking for.

John Pin
08-13-1999, 01:30 AM
Dont get me wrong...i can easily cut up the wav and build it...just that the pieces they give you are incomplete. It was more of an excercise for me as i couldnt see how it could be done from the given.