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09-26-2009, 03:39 PM
Hello! My Yamaha PSR-620 send on midi channel1 only. In split mode Ch1and Ch2. If I record with the yamaha track 1-6 Ch1 to Ch6 to a computer, all midi-notes show channel1 in the list editor, Cubase or Sonar no different. At play-back to the keyboard, I'm getting wrong instrument sound. Mostly Piano sound. The only way I know is to use the Logital Editor on track 2-9 and 11-16. select all notes and change the Channel Value from 1 to the right Channel value. Entering Drum notes Ch10, there is no problem. I'm thinking to get a Midi Keyboard Controller. Nobody else have a problem? I did search the web, but could not find a answer. Would like to hear from you. Herb