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05-27-2009, 12:04 PM
I have yet to decide which version of the Steinway to purchase, and I am wondering about a few things.

Does it have Keyswitches like GPO and the other Garritan libraries?
If so, does this mean I can program them into HumanPlayback and, for example, simply mark "una corda" in my score to get the soft pedal?

I'm wondering if the "pro" version is just overkill in my case, and if the Standard version would be enough.

I'm mostly wondering if all the "perspectives" in the Pro version are more than I really need.

I am not recording filmscores, just demos. But obviously, I still want a good quality.

I use the Garritan Strad, the Gofriller, and GPO, J&BB, and the CoMB libraries. If the piano sounds "incredibly realistic" but the rest sounds too "synthy" I'm not really much better off.

Jeff Hurchalla
05-27-2009, 12:37 PM
Hi Michel,
The Steinway doesn't use keyswitches, simply because there's nothing to keyswitch in a piano really. The sample switching that keyswitches might normally do is all done for a piano via standard sustain and una corda pedals. I'm not enough of an expert in Finale to say if an "una corda" marking in the score will automatically send cc67 (soft pedal) [update: I edited my mistake of calling it cc65] , but I have the suspicion that you could set this up in Finale to happen if it doesn't already happen automatically. Sending cc67 is all that's needed to turn soft pedal on/off. As for which version, it probably depends on what you're looking for. The Pro version does have some really nice perspectives that are not included in the Standard. I particularly like the Stage Side, as it is a bit extra-bright (not overly) due to the particular microphones used there, and it's not close but still nicely focused for my tastes. It's all a matter of personal taste what you might particularly like, and as I said, you'll probably want to make decisions based upon what kind of sound you're looking for. We are going to be re-pressing pro/standard dvds sometime next month for sale in early summer. For now you may also want to consider the downloadable Basic version which is possible to get right now and upgrade later. Hope this helps.

06-18-2009, 08:41 AM
cc65 value... in Finale that's set as portamento, while cc67 actually says soft pedal.

if I dissect the controllers available in Finale, it says that 64 is sustain, 65 is portamento, 66 is sostenuto, and 67 is soft pedal.

are these or are these not the right controllers?

would creating a "pedal on" expression using controller 64 create a sustain effect?

would creating a "sost. ped" expression using controller 66 actually create a middle pedal effect?

and would an expression setting a value using controller 67 activate the soft pedal?

Jeff Hurchalla
06-18-2009, 02:22 PM
I was writing too quickly off the top of my head and got the cc# wrong. You were right, soft pedal is cc67 - I changed my post to correct that.

As to your questions-
Your controller cc#s are correct, and the answer to your last three questions is yes to each.