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05-05-2009, 09:10 AM
It's another silly post. ~|

Last September, I posted a question about using the Authorized Steinway on Logic Audio Platinum 5.5.1 (PC).

When I sent Aria log file to Plogue, David sent me a bug fix update file (then it was Garritan_Steinway_1.01_test1.exe (http://plogue.com/davidv/Steinway/Windows/Garritan_Steinway_1.01_test1.exe)). After applying this test bug fix, my professional version became a basic version. Recently I updated it with latest 1.03 version (professional) and yet it is still basic one.

Is there any difference between professional version and basic version apart from the library files? Is there any solution going back to pro-version without re-installing?

Thanks in advance.

By the way, is there any news of planned library update? The A4 (440Hz) note still gives me a lot of problems and because of this issue I couldn't use GAS in any serious project. :(

Jeff Hurchalla
05-05-2009, 11:06 AM
Have you still got access to all the (pro) microphone positions? For what it's worth, it's the positions that truly determine the version. If all positions are available, then you'd actually be running the full and complete version of Pro. It sounds like the test update might have applied basic's gui screenshot, but aside from the screen shot and the microphone positions available, the software is exactly the same in Basic and Pro and Standard. It's the samples that are (extensively) different.