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10-21-2008, 09:09 PM
Musician Friends,

What settings on the Steinway would you suggest that I use for recording my piano rags. Mind you, these rags are very much a similar style as those of Scott Joplin. I have recorded some with the parlor space, cutting down the wet reverb a little less than the dry, about a 75 to 80 on the sustain, and I have used the classic lite. I came across these settings by trial and error, but I would be happy if someone here were to set me straight and give me an even better suggestion.

I can playback in one of two ways. I prefer to make a midi file of my Finale score and import it into Logic 8 and make a few changes. And then playback through the Steinway and once I got it right, export to Audio. Or.... I can playback right from Finale, but in the latter case, some of the base notes blare out much too loud from time to time.

so.... what perspective? what settings on space? any change to the velocity curve?

David Young

10-31-2008, 02:44 PM
Well, I've tried a number of settings and my .wav files sound quite good. (At least sound quite good to me.)

I have used several different perspectives (Classic, stage side, player, close) and they all sound quite nice. I have used Parlor, Piano hall 1 and Piano Hall 2 but usually drop the wet ambience down a little. Bring the sympathetic resonance up to about 80.

What I found is that simply playing back a midi file made in Finale 2009 makes the "mf" and especially the "f" too loud and for some reason there are areas where the left hand notes are much louder than the right hand notes (bass clef much louder than the treble clef.) This is easily fixed by importing the midi file into Logic Pro 8 and adjusting the velocities.

I am still quite new at Logic, but I know how to adjust velocities by selecting notes on the piano roll and I also can change the length of certain notes. I would take the whole logic file and made small, almost random adjustments to velocity and note length to make the playback seem a little more "life-like." This makes the mandatory repeats of rag material a little bit different the second time through, although the differences are very subtle.

I then burned a CD and I'll have to say,... I am very pleased with the results.

Now.... if anyone has any other suggestions... please do not hesitate to tell me.