View Full Version : Any Midi-Yoke users here?

05-26-2008, 04:24 PM
Hey guys!

Currently, I'm using the following setup:

I'm writing my music in Sibelius 5, which sends the midi-commands via Midi Yoke to Cubase SX3. There, I usually load Kontakt 3 via VST and occasionally use other VSTi over the send-fx (which is the reason why I don't load Kontakt directly in Sibelius).

The problem is the flawing MidiCC-control in Sibelius. Entering commands is harsh (like... mod-wheel from 0 to 64 to 127 in single steps instead of smooth transitions) and doesn't sound good. I'd like to use the control features of Cubase without exporting/importing midi-files (because I need to control the sound on the fly sometimes).

-> Sounds like I need a "full-duplex-connection" between Cubase and Sibelius - pressing the play-button/passing CCs in one application controls both.

Does this work? If one of the tools is the problem, I'd get another, because this would make my dreams come true.


05-27-2008, 11:51 AM

Perhaps could you check Midi-Ox which works well with Midi Yoke. There you could try some features.

I use both of them to translate Sonar Key aftertouch to Kompakt keyboard input.

Also you could have a look on their forum.