View Full Version : I think I broke my Steinway already...

04-14-2008, 12:49 PM

David (plogue)
04-14-2008, 01:13 PM

While BSODs are a sign of some form of hardware/driver trouble, it is always interesting to check out the details of the logs prior to such a crash.

Could you run the "Report Technical Issue" shortcut in the start menu and follow the instructions? Im a bit curious.

Which version of Sonar is it? I tried SteinwayVST on 6 and 7 both x64 and 32 bits.


David (plogue)
04-14-2008, 02:34 PM

Looking at your logs now and investigating, thanks for sending them over,
will see what i can find.

BTW The word "destroyed" in C++ is plain normal :)
You create objects and you destroy them when they are not needed anymore.


04-14-2008, 03:09 PM
OK this thread wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

I once broke a Steinway. Back in my youth I adored really violent music, and my 1st year recital of Ginastera's 1st Piano Sonata saw off two strings. The lecturer who had responsibility for maintenance of the department's instruments nearly had kittens.

04-14-2008, 04:00 PM
BTW The word "destroyed" in C++ is plain normal :)You create objects and you destroy them when they are not needed anymore.

I really hope that XP is programmed in C++. I love that "destroyed" sentence.:)


04-14-2008, 04:26 PM

Man, that really sicks! I feel your pain.

FWIW, it's working fine for me in Sonar 7.02 and also as standalone. My DAW is a dedicated machine and has never enjoyed being on the 'net. 95% of the programs on it are music related. My samples are loaded on an external USB Seagate 400GB 7200 rpm drive.

I hope you get your problem solved. You are certainly in good hands with David.

04-14-2008, 05:59 PM
It's working fine for me too, in Sonar 7.02 Producer edition and as a standalone. I just received it Saturday, however, and am still playing with the parameters. I really like "Gary's Favorite" settings.
The only problem that I notice is that in stand alone, and in Sonar (before I freeze the synth) I seem to get a lot of crackles. I am monitoring the CPU and disc usage via the task manager, and the samples are running off of a Raid 0 array, so I have no disc issues, nor CPU issues. The crackles seem to go away, however, once I freeze the synth.

04-14-2008, 08:23 PM
Surely this will be fixable. I am running the pro version in Sonar 7 PE as a VST and it is working fine. I installed it with the 16 bit samples and I have a bit of crackling until I close the GUI and then everything clears up. Good luck, I hope your problem gets solved soon. John

04-14-2008, 10:15 PM
As I said in another thread, I am using Steinway Pro on a Pentium D960 with Asus P5WD2 motherboard with 4 gbs of ram with the 3gb switch. Using Sonar 6.
I am using the 24 bit samples. I first tried it on an IDE drive that was 7200 RPM and I got some glitches. Then I switched to a WD raptor 10,000 K drive and I have no glitches and can turn on anything in the GUI with no glitches.
I have to believe that the new Core 2 Duos or the Quad processors would do even better.
But I do believe it is wise to use a 10,000 gb raptor drive.

04-15-2008, 01:16 AM
Jon -

I'm sure David will make some suggestions, but putting all realistic and practical elements to the side for a moment, perhaps we can clear this up:

Poltergeists, plain and simple! :D

Seriously, though, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. If enough of us send good thoughts your way perhaps your computer will live, and you won't have to do any more than make a few adjustments.



04-15-2008, 06:44 AM
I had an issue with one Sonar file that I was working on, so I removed the soft synths, saved the file, the copied the only MIDI track in the file to a new file, then inserted the Steinway, and that fixed the problem. You might try this to see if it fixes your problem.

04-15-2008, 08:36 AM
Does not sound like a hard drive issue to me based on your post. Are you using Windows XP? Have you done all the tweaks to XP for audio and video? http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=590758
Are you using ASIO drivers in Cakewalk? Have you tried increasing the latency? Have you tried changing the buffers for your hard drive in in the audio options in Cakewalk?

I really don't think it's a hard drive issue...I've

David (plogue)
04-15-2008, 10:17 AM
The ones I've tried to open crash because I saved the project with the GUI open..

That is a very interesting bit of information!
As soon as you can reproduce sometime "each and everytime" using a particular series
of steps is of great bug tracking help here.

Not saying that its Aria's fault just yet, but still keeping an eye open on the reasons why :)

04-15-2008, 10:39 AM
For what its worth, there is speculation that SP2 and IE7 with security updates has caused many problems. Ever since my older unit had updated to SP2 and IE7, I've lost the use of firewire as well as other such as able to use system restore before December 2007.
Maybe nothing to do with your experiences but the frustration for me has been frustration to the max!
Sorry to interrupt.

Nickie Fønshauge
04-15-2008, 12:04 PM
After you have started Sonar, open a project by SHIFT+"Open a recent project" or "Open a project" | SHIFT+"Open". You will then be given the option to load/not-load the projects synths.

David (plogue)
04-15-2008, 12:26 PM
1st time: un-check Create First Synth Audio Output: crash and burn :mad:

Yep, i'm able to get a crash here under Sonar Pro 6. Seems that in this specific scenario Sonar
asks me to open the UI before fully initializing the engine (resume)

I need to add yet one more protection in Aria's VST wrapper.

Stay tuned for a test build.

BTW: The blue screen you have is most definitely the results of a driver that doesnt like Sonar crashing. Some USB MIDI Drivers that i know do that, if the application doesnt close normally, they dont get freed properly and die, or said another way : take everything with them.