View Full Version : connecting midi keyboard

04-02-2008, 02:54 PM
Hello there,
after using Finale 2008 for about 2-3 months, I decided I should try to connect my old synthesizer Yamaha PSR-225 and see how it works with the HyperScribe tool (which means entering music into Finale by playing on a keyboard). Lately I've bought a new PC as well, and specifically included the Creative X-Fi Platinum soundcard with it, cause of its highly praised sound quality and the midi plugs. Anyway, after having a little connection issue with the wires, I solved it and now I have my Yamaha PSR-225 with its two female midi plugs, one for output and the other for input and this is connected to the Creative X-Fi soundcard. Now my question is: how do I set up (if at all) Finale 2008 so that it recognizes my synth and I can start using the hyperscribe tool as its meant to be used? At the moment, nothing appears when I play on the synth (I know I have to click on a measure before playing and that I did). Or is there something wrong with my hardware setup (like.. I can't use a synthesizer to do this) ? Help, please :)