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03-03-2008, 10:08 AM
...Hi Tony.....
that works well and I am in...:-) fine.....already at the Post - LAC.....
well, we set up some domains, i will post them when they working.
I think its a good way to publish whitepapers, roadmaps, and something like that. Feel free to get in touch.
If you, or any of the community members have some wishes about a digital audio workstation, please post to the forum.

My work, at this time, is to design some runlevels for a dedicated Audio/Video Workstation. I've spoken to Oliver Bengs from the JAD-Projekt. He thought, it is an good Idea to have some information about production /play/stream stations, ...but see my next topic....feel free to let them grow up ;-)

At this time:
-runlevel to play/give sounds to an amping system without any processes, they don't need
-runlevel for recording in a stabelized, cutomized environment, without any processes, they don't need
-runlevel to compose music, (I am not a composer (only I have to do), so let me know what you are looking for)

For now.....best wishes......