View Full Version : Usine as a midi bridge for synths

02-22-2008, 10:47 PM
hi, here is about how to control old MIDI synths as DX7,JX8p,TXseries,EMU,Akai... in an easy way.
because each synth respond theoretically to sys.ex.
Usine allows you to edit some arrays,with the sys.ex. chain regarding to parameters you need,assign your favorite remote to them, send it to MIDI out, everything on a patch.that works and it's a great pleasure to realize the phantasm of controlling more than one DX data fader!...
Usine has also a lot of scripting abilities like random arpegiators, auto harmonize, modes...
you can find it there:
www.sensomusic.com (http://www.sensomusic.com)