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02-15-2008, 09:59 AM

I'm an old hippy recently jumped onto ubuntu from windows.
I am searching for help with my audio.
I have rosegarden installed and plan to investigate that later on, just like I used to play with cubase on windows and make recordings. I play a few instruments, write own songs and have a AKG C1000 .

But first I am seeking help with my audio on ubuntu because serveral things are not working as they should and although I am also an old time programmer, the sound issues on linux are a bit overwhelming.

I like to start with a little list about my current problems. If someone can help, please do so, or redirect me to somewhere else where I might get help.

I have a plain soundblaster (used to have an isis but it's gone) and there's another audio device, a built-in mike in the webcam.

My favourite player is audacious because of it's ability to display big winamp skins and because of its audtool and it works ok with amsn.

1. If I select anything else then Autodetect in System - Sound - Hardware as audio device I don't hear mp3's no more.
(if I select autodetect again after trying out something else, I first have to play something with xmms, only then audacious plays them also).
2. There's no volume slider working except in alsamixer. I can get one working in Kmix if I first select Analog Front as masterchannel, but it does not stick in between reboots.
3. I tried to boot up without the webcam, then I had no sound at all.
4. I have yet to hear a system sound from ubuntu.

That list is long enough, maybe someone has a clue now. It's not that I insist that everything should work, it's more a way of describing my symptoms because there's certainly something fishy if you ask me.

Edit: in an effort to get more then one app use the soundcard I followed advice from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableSoftwareMixing

I tried to use ALSA but after reboot I got error message: AudioSubSystem::handleIO: write failed etc.
I then tried to use ESD which worked after reboot, though all usual problems remain, no volume sliders working, no system sounds, only 1 app can use sound.

Thank you.
Greets from Groningen, Netherlands.

Tony Monaghan
02-18-2008, 01:19 PM
Before trying to diagnose your problem any further have a look at this


Let me know how you get on.