View Full Version : GigaPulse ERflec.'s w/ Hardware Reverbs

12-16-2007, 06:51 PM
I have always routed my hardware reverbs into my Scope projects via AES / EBU for the Lexicons, and ADAT for my Q20.

Gigapulse was very welcome when I first heard the pedal down impulse for GigaPiano II. I immediately started putting it on acoustic instruments everywhere, as well as other pianos.

Since I have routed hardware effects for years into Scope I wasn't about to change that, as it saves DSP and CPU power, and it just sounds better.

But I was surprised at how well Gigapulse can create mic positioning, and small spaces? Usually those are difficult, and the big halls, and cathedrals are the easier chores. I notice that GPulse actually works better for small spaces than it does w/ the larger ones.

The large IR's sound O.K., but when I run them through an SL9000 w/ a strong gate to clip their tails on the vocal FX, I notice a big difference on the
decays, that make my hardware reverbs the prefferable choice.

At any rate, this is a personal choice, but I really like the sound I get from using the PCM91, and 81, and Q20 for larger spaces, and absolutely love GPulse for the quality of it's smaller spaces. I do use both actually when recording, but since I work mostly live, this works really well for me.

I just added a cheap ebay find of a hardware spring reverb for my B4000 ( hammond hardware EMU ) which adds the authenticity to my rotary cabinet even more. I paid 100 USD shipped, and was surprised how authentically dirty and old my B4000 sounds now.

I guess I am wondering is anyone else using hybrid hardware / software set ups to achieve their desired results?