View Full Version : How do you structure your music?

11-24-2007, 01:34 PM
This is how I structure my music:

While I was reading this course: I had this question in mind that, I have a nice melody to work on? How do I know what structure is the best for my melody? Well, the answer of course lies on the rhythms and pitches and contour of the melody.

1. I make a suitable sketch paper and print plenty of them!! I use HB Pencils with a quality eraser. I have attached on for writing for symphony.
Here is a sample:


2. firstly, string from the first measure, I write the lead lines on the staves of the instruments that I have in mind. I sketch any further development of the melody, repeat, countermelodies... basically stuff that we learned here. After this, I almost know what the true structure of my music is.

3. Secondly, if I want union or octave, I will write on the phrases, otherwise, I sketch harmony and baselines in the bass clefs using figured bass in the bottom of the staff systems. Sometimes I play the melody, come up with a nice bass line then I fill the chord harmony.

4. Thirdly, If I want a rhythms harmony or passages, first I put the contour of those using cross-headed notes. Later, I fill put the pitches.

5. Fifthly, I smooth the connections between the sections ( if I haven't written it linearly). Complete the voice leading. put the dynamics and expressions symbols on the paper.

6. Lastly, I enter everything from the sketch papers into my computer notation softer with Garritan sounds! Sometime notating your work with Garritan Instruemtns while you are sketching inspires me more especially for texture, harmony and blend of instruments.