View Full Version : Announcing Robin Rocket!!

08-18-2007, 12:26 PM
Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce a Kontakt 2 script I have written and have been using for a little while to breathe more realism into my compositions. It is called Robin Rocket, and it works to increase the variety of the round robin samples used while playing repeated notes. It works very well with chromatically sampled libraries and contains realtime controls for script bypass and pitch variation. (Occasionally, I have found it is better to turn it off for a specific part, and using a midi CC makes this painless.) It has five different methods of round robin variation, and user-definable instrument keyranges and articulations per note so that it can work with the largest number of libraries.

Please check it out at http://www.peteroregan.com/scripts.html

I have also posted demonstrations of it in musical contexts and worst-case scenarios with a single instrument on a repeated note without varying velocity.