View Full Version : Two Differents Voices Into One Stave Using Sibelius With Gpo...please Help Me!!

06-15-2007, 11:25 PM
Hello from Caracas, Venezuela.

I am trying to make a score with two differents voices (for instance flute and violin) into the same stave, on differens layouts....I notice that with Kontak Silver using certain tricks (by codifying in the dictionary the instruments name), each voices sounds independient, as it should be...

But, when I set up to GPO or JABB and assign the instruments by channels, on the stave that contain both instruments only one is sounding. I know that one way for fix this is to put the instruments on separate staves and assigh the corresponding voice to each one. I do not want this. I do want to have the both instruments into the same stave and get both sounds via GPO or SABB.

The same occur when I have trumpets duos on the same stave, or flute and picc....

Somebody has any suggest.....please HELP ME!!!

Thanks in advance

Andres Eloy Rodriguez