View Full Version : Edirol PCR-800 with GPO/JABB

06-04-2007, 09:10 PM
I've been looking covetously at the PCR-800 and thinking seriously about getting one. However, it does not have a mod wheel but the Roland/Edirol combo pitchbend/mod lever. It looks like it has a lot of knobs that can be reassigned. So, my question: can this controller be successfully used with GPO and JABB by reassigning CC1 to one of the assignable controls? Or, does anyone know?

06-04-2007, 10:00 PM
Hi Jerry,

YES! I would highly recommend this controller! I own a PCR-80, its predecessor which lacks the aftertouch and assignable velocity curves. I have found the keyboard to be reliable, easy to use (on Vista here with no issues), and of quality construction. I also like the feel of the keys. I use it with GPO and the Strad all the time without issue.

Like you said, reassigning a fader to CC1 is pretty easy to do with the included software (read manual or PM me if you have difficulties) and gives you plenty of control (uses the same amount of hand power as a modwheel, and the combo thing isn't terrible either, especially with synths. I recommend swapping S7, MIDI chorus by default). The PCR-80 has 16 programmable memory settings to assign and save fader/switcher presets, more than I think you'd ever need.

Aftertouch on this baby makes me drool. I'd trade it in for the next model only I like my PCR-80 too much to see it go!