View Full Version : JABB Steinway Piano (KP2) Problem w Bb below middle C

Studio V
05-24-2007, 12:25 PM
Tom, Gary:–

Have noticed this morning that with the Steinway Grand in JABB – after updating to KP2 – the sound of the Bb below middle C is noticeably different from that of any of the other notes surrounding it when hit with high velocity (strong attack). It has a very metallic ringing to it, which is absent (as it should be) from all the other notes when struck similarly. Would appreciate if you can verify this on your end. I've compared it here with the GPO Steinway (also after updating to KP2), and thankfully that problem is not evident at all on the GPO Steinway. On the JABB Steinway, however, it is really quite annoying. I'm sure you'd agree that the response of all the keys across the keyboard should be similar. Don't recall this being a problem with JABB in KP1. In any case, hope you can correct this soon. Thanks.

Bob V
Studio V

05-26-2007, 11:35 AM
I've checked into this and don't really think I hear it too prominently: that stray frequency might be at a crossover spot in your monitoring, accentuating it.

Mind, the filter profile between GPOv1 and K2P seems to have changed substantially, and instruments are coming across brighter than before. Also, as has been mentioned, instruments that rely on modulating brightness with velocity *aren't* currently working correctly and will *always* sound their brightest no matter what the dynamic. This has been reported to NI. There *might* be an interim .nki file update for such instruments to account for this: there's a work-around, but it's not as good as having the actual feature fixed.

That said, sometimes acoustic instruments have flaws, and perhaps this piano wasn't in 100% shape when it was recorded! ;)

Thanks for the report. It will be adressed.

- m