View Full Version : Problems with Finale 2007c Human Playback

05-05-2007, 05:29 AM
Below is a list of problems I have found while using Human Playback (set to "Jazz") with JABB + Finale 2007c. Maybe other users can confirm that they have encountered similar problems, suggest solutions, etc.

1. Finale crashes regularly after using playback. No solution with either the V.17 or V.18 FinaleVSTHost.dll file (now using the V.19 one).
2. Sometimes, halfway through playing back a piece, Finale starts to play an earlier section of the piece at the same time!
3. Using "Automatic Tonguing" seems to alter the timing of playback (it sounds like it alters the swing %). It's a good idea, but I don't like the sound of what it does at the moment.
4. When clicking on "HP Preferences" for the first time after upgrading from Finale 2007 to 2007c, I was asked if I wanted to create a new default set. I answered "No", and subsequently all of the JABB bass sounds played back erratically (missing notes, harmonics sounding, etc.) with the exception of the upright basses, which were O.K. I continued like this for a few days and then clicked the "Default" button in the HP Preferences Dialogue Box. Since doing this, all the bass sounds are now playing back correctly!
5. If I put an accent on a note it does not play back with a louder volume (the accent should increase the MIDI velocity). Also, the attack portion of the note does not sound if it has an accent on it. It is almost as if the accent is being wrongly interpreted by Finale to play the note legato. If I switch Human Playback off, the accent works fine and doesn't remove the attack portion of the note.
6. If "Glissando" is set to "always diatonic", the second note does not sound; it does sound if I set it to "always chromatic".
7. None of the "sampled effects" (doits, fall-offs, etc.) in JABB work when using Garritan Studio hosting. They do work with Finale hosting JABB as a VST instrument.
8. Other random problems: one instance of all the attack portions of notes in a trumpet track not sounding at all. After quitting Finale and reloading the file, they were back!
9. I have noticed that the release times for all the bass sounds in JABB are far too long (notes continuing to ring out over following rests, etc.). I have fixed this by reducing the "length" parameter for a particular bass sound in the Kontakt Player slot. I have also now learnt that this can be changed in the relevant .txt file for the bass sound so that it loads up with a shorter release time.

These are the issues I have encountered so far. The worst is the crashing problem, which I hope will be solved in Finale 2008.

David Kear

Cabot Music Productions, UK