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04-26-2007, 12:51 PM
Hello everybody

I have e-mailed Gary about this, but want to put it to the broader community.

Background: I run a Pentium 4 (3 GIG processor, with 3 gig ram, 580gig hard drive space, dual screen, MAYA 44 Sound Card, Windows XP Home with Finale 2007b, CUBASE SE3, the Full GPO as well as JABB. I have been having difficulties, firstly in Finale, when loading multiple instruments into GPO, that I would get a crash, mostly during playback, but not always, sometimes just random. Also In Cubase I found that loading GPO would lead to MIDI Hickups (if I can call them that). Correspondence with Finale at that time suggested that my hardware needed an upgrade from 2 gig ram to 3 gig or more ( I now have 3 and will go up to 4 next week). Gary also suggested that I turn down the processing capacity of the Ambience Effects Unit and enlarge the amount of buffers on my sound card. After just reseting the processing level of the CPU the problem persisted. Then I went to my sound card and found that the factory default (latency) was set at 256 k. Resetting it to 1024 or higher solved the problem in CUBASE but led to as slightly spongy feel - a bit of latency I suppose - bringing it down to 512 however, let to a reoccurence of the glitch. So in CUBASE I can now work comfortably taking into account the slight latency. The problem when I record live is, however, that it feels like I am playing in time, but when I replay it sounds out of sync. In Cubase I have also switched off the "Lower Latency"swith in the expert section of the VST engine settings, but have not made any adjustments to the otehr variables.

In Finale, however, as soon as I set the Latency of the sound card above 256, I get midi glitches, but not a crash. I am, however, now able to load and replay more VSTs from GPO and JABB, but again had a crash with a relatively big file.

Any comments? I have already thrown quite a bit of money at this problem and would like to hear form fellow users what I should do? should I look at a different sound card? Suggestions please.

I have attached an error report

Regards from South Africa


Paul Stutt
07-04-2007, 12:12 PM

Are you using the latest ASIO driver form your soundcard manufacturer?