View Full Version : JABB update got me lites, but no scrapes

03-22-2007, 06:31 PM
Not long after I got JABB (during the Christmas group sale) I saw from the Forums that I still needed to run the update Tom has up here in a sticky post.

After running the update, the light versions of instruments showed up, as I understood would happen--but the extra sounds in the upper keys for the basses and guitars are silent.--I thought those were part of this update?

I need my guitars to squeak and scrape and go Bonk in the night! *()


Tom Hopkins
03-23-2007, 01:42 AM

Guitars and basses are different from one another on the control of extra noises. Guitars have an assortment of noises mapped to the very top of the keyboard - starting two octaves higher than the highest note of the guitar or one octave higher than the highest harmonic. These sounds are velocity sensitive. If you shift the octave display adjustment (in the lower left corner of the JABB interface) to the +5 setting, you will see the blue key mapping of the sounds on the right of the keyboard.

The basses are a mixed bag for controller use (unintentional!) The fretless and fretted basses use cc13 and cc1 to separately control finger click volume and slide noises respectively. The slide noises are low in level even at a maximum setting of cc1. The upright basses slide sounds are controlled by velocity as in the guitars.

The new version of JABB K2 will improve the consistency of control for these sounds as well as putting corresponding knobs on the interface for continuous controllers.


03-23-2007, 10:39 AM
Tom, thanks much for your patient reply.

All is well---I'm getting all the sounds now.

I must have been in an especially impatient mood when I was working the other day and couldn't seem to access the sounds. In the case of the acoustic guitar sounds, I think I simply wasn't going up high enough on the keyboard--I was still an octave too low to get them. And in the case of the fretless bass sounds, they are extremely low in volume as you pointed out, and I must have just not been banging the ivories hard enough.

Thanks again.