View Full Version : Finale 2007 arrived

08-10-2006, 06:17 AM
I have received and installed the Finale 2007 on my computer and just wanted to share a bit of information with you. When I first started it up and opened a file in it, I clicked on the Midi tab and selected "play through Native Instrument VST" and "Native Instruments VST setup". I then had a choice of Finale GPO or Kontakt Player 2. When I selected Kontakt Player 2, it opened with a pull down instruments tab, where you can load the Finale GPO instruments in the player.
I couldn't find anyway to update the library selections, so instead I copied the JABB folder and the Kontakt2 folder from the Finale 2006 VST folder into the 2007 VST folder. I then had access to the JABB instruments and all the samples available in Kontakt2 (which for me, includes Stradivari). But they aren't loadable into the Kontakt Player 2, which evidently is specific to the software it came with (Finale 2007, with Finale GPO)
Does anyone have more information about this? I thought the Strad was supposed to load into the Player 2, but evidently there is some upgrade path to be able to use it.
I am just hoping we can pool information.
Best regards, John