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10-15-2006, 10:59 AM
I have a question:
right now, I use Finale for all my work, and generally speaking I'm fully satisfied with how it works.

but I'm curious about exporting a MIDI into a sequencing program (of which I know absolutely nothing, and do not have one either).

If I export a MIDI file, how do the channels get sent?
do exported MIDI files take into account multiple MIDI ports?
for example, an orchestral score will require massive amounts of channels (which Finale uses, no problem), but if I want to export, what happens to channels above 16?
does channel 17 get mixed in with channel 1? etc...

do sequencers have a feature for making a WAV file?
or is an additional program necessary for recording?

The reason I ask, is that generally speaking, Finale does a great job of "performing" my music, however, with very large orchestral scores, playback sometimes "hickups" here and there. More than likely, my system is juuuuuust not quite fast enough.
I have no need to "tweak" my scores in another program, I really like how HumanPlayback interprets the score. My only problem is with the occassional hickups in playback engendered by large scores. I'm wondering if an exported MIDI, with all the HumanPlayback features added to it using the plugin in Finale, might playback more smoothly in a sequencer.

Except as I said, I have very little experience with importing or exporting MIDI files... and in Finale I consistantly use very large scores, 30 to 50 channels at a time, single movements of works sometimes lasting 10-15 minutes. I just can't afford to keep repeating a piece over and over just to get playback/recording without that little hickup.

Jeff Turner
10-15-2006, 11:30 AM

I'm like you, I'll use Finale/HP for most things. I'm usually just creating demos and want to do mockups as fast as possible. But there are advantages to working with a sequencer.

Your Finale file will export a midi with the midi channel information left intact. So your flute on channel one in Finale, will still be on channel in the sequencer. You'll need to load your GPO instruments manually into the correct channels in the sequencer though. I've had no trouble with many channels being recognized above the original 16.

I'm on a Mac, so I have a different choice of sequencers than you do. I believe they all have the ability to make .wav/.mp3 files.

When I run into "hiccups" in Finale, I can bring the same file into a sequencer and record specific tracks to audio. This is also called freezing tracks. It takes more computer processing power/RAM to using large numbers of instruments at one time. For instance I'll record my woodwind tracks, . Then I'll make those original woodwind tracks inactive, freezing them. Now I just use the recorded woodwind tracks for playback. The recorded tracks use much less processing power, so now I can add the rest of the brass & strings to playback without hiccups. If I need to alter any of the woodwind tracks, I'll just unfreeze that specific track and re-record it.

Why not download a couple of sequencer demos and play around with them. For a musician who normally works only with notation, it's a differnt way of working. But it's extremely intuitive and easy to learn.

Hope this helps,