View Full Version : I regret NS does have an "Aoouncement" seciion..

12-14-2006, 05:40 PM
I guess a lot of you know I sometimes like to make IRs.

I regret that NS does not have an announcement section where new developments can be introduced.

My IR stuff is a loss project (more a labor of love and also for my own music), so I cannot afford the expensive banners here in order to talk about new stuff.

I have been warned here before about not posting commercial announcements (is this another one?).

This means I cannot talk here about new things that might be useful for your setup...

I also hope the moderators will allow this vague post and will not remove it right away. A banner at NS costs me more than than what I might make with my hobby project in a month time...

Anyway, I'd like to ask for a separate section on NS where hobbyists like myself can post about cheapware that can be interesting for all of us.

Edit: Mmm, a pity I can't correct the typos in the topic title, I typed it in too quickly with one hand :o

Best regards,