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Jared Hudson
12-02-2004, 01:41 AM
I downloaded the demo of the BPM 120 Sample Library (drum machine) at soundsonline.com, loaded it up in Sonar 3 PE, and it sounds great. It's running as VST 2.0 plugin. Here's the problem, I'll set up a track for it, have it loop for 32 measures at 120 BPM using the VST's clock, and I ran a bass patch from the Dreamstation VST plugin, and had it's own MIDI channel running under Sonar's clock at 120 BPM. After about 16 measures, they aren't lined up, and fall out of sync. I know the clocks are different, and I've been reading the troubleshooting guide, but am confused as hell. They all relate to external sources. I'm still running an internal VST drum machine! Can ANYONE help me out with this and tell me what to do? Maybe even download the demo at soundsonline yourself and try to make it work? I feel so n00bish suddenly.


EDIT: Nevermind. Just so happens I set Sonar at 48000hz, when the loop was running 44100hz. Changed it back. Synced up now.

12-02-2004, 02:33 AM

This is suprising to hear from you, as you seem like a vetran
with Sonar. :p

I would say, its gotta be something to do with the length
of the Wav file.
Though the beat is at 120bpm, you have to be sure the
Wav file is exactly the right length, and that your'e snapping
it to the grid.

The same thing has happened to me, and i finally figured out
the Wav file i was looping, was a few milliseconds too long.
I was using the loop function in Logic instead of cutting and
pasteing, making sure that each start point is snapped.

Are you using an on the fly loop funciton to loop the wav,
or did you copy and paste it?

Can you see the start point of the drum wav, gradually moving
away from the VST bass line?
Are you sure your host tempo is at 120? Hey ya never know :D


12-02-2004, 02:45 AM

sorry to hijack your thread but i need to ask you about Sonar/midi editor

In Logic, i use the piano roll (matrix) editor exclusively.
I write everything out in the editor and dont use a controller.

So i need a fast, well layed out editor.

In Sonar, is it possible to create events, drag velocity, select,
lengthen/shorten in the piano roll, without having to change
the mouse tool, or use a key command?

I've noticed alot of host programs, use controller lane for velocity.
ANd you have to have the pencil tool to change it.
This really slows me down. Having to change tools all the time.

I'm used to being able to have additional tools assigned to right click.
In Nuendo, you cant do that. IT sucks, and its too slow for the way
i write. Nuendo's a good program otherwise, but the midi sucks.
SX doesnt seem to be working too well with Gold these days, so
thats out as well. :confused:
I think Sonar's my answer, but i'm just trying to get all the info
i can before i spend more money i dont have yet.... LOL

Thanks for any info dude! :D

Jared Hudson
12-02-2004, 03:50 AM
ROFL are you talking to yourself? J/K

Don't get me wrong, I've been VERY happy with Sonar. I just made an idiot mistake and didn't know a setting like that would do it. I kept thinking MIDI timecode. You can do velocity changing in Piano Roll with the pencil, but I don't know about raising and shorting individual notes on the fly other than the mouse (is that what your asking?). Gold works beautifully with Sonar and I've had no problems, other than crashing because I ran out of RAM. LOL!

The loop I was using wasn't a straight .wav like Acid Loops. It was indeed a sample and worked just like Gold, in which I found and used on the notator. That's what confused me. They were all internal VST samples running, but were going out of sync with each other. Wild, but yet a stupid mistake on my part. It's fixed now.

Here's the crap I threw together in about 20 minutes AFTER I got it to sync up. Electronica isn't my specialty, but I'd sure love to get good at it, and vocals will be a must in all my dance/techno/house compositions. This song here was just a learning experience getting to know my tools and new synths better. Just having some fun. :)


Jared Hudson

12-02-2004, 06:21 AM
So i need a fast, well layed out editor.

In Sonar, is it possible to create events, drag velocity, select,
lengthen/shorten in the piano roll, without having to change
the mouse tool, or use a key command?

Hey ToddK , Cakewalk has the fastest piano-roll editor i have ever tried . Since the days of Cakewalk Pro i have not found it's equal in the "piano-roll time battle" . ( I have also tried Cubase Sx/Vst , Fruity loops and Logic but not extensively )

S : Select -> While holding CTRL drag and copy clips . Del Deletes selection. Transpose midi clips easily .
D : Draw -> Alternate option for Drawing and Deleting without switching.
E : Erase
W : Return to start
B : Midi Scrub
L : Draw line -> For velocity/controllers .

Once you learn these shortcuts , it's like playing Quake ! Very fast editing. I don't think any one tool can replace a couple of keyboard shortcuts for speed . It's easy to get used to them.

There must be a free Trial version somewhere to try it out first

Right click doesn't do much , only show you the attributes of a particular note when clicked, OR when clicking off a note, shows the options for Midi FX , (* quantize, velocity random, etc etc )

12-02-2004, 07:23 AM
Yeah, totally, i need to get hold of a demo.

It sounds like it will be what i need. I can live with key commands,
i just really like being able to click and drag velocity settings right
on the actually note, rather than having vel/info in a controller
lane. It seems slow to me, but maybe i just need to get used to it.

Thanks for that info. VERY helpful.
Much appreciated.