View Full Version : newbie questions: midi and transposition

04-02-2005, 03:54 PM
Hi! As I知 sure you can figure out from my naive questions, i am a total novice and would be very grateful for some expert guidance. I am running Halion 2.0 from within ACID 5 on Dell laptop (1.7 GHz P4, 640 MB Ram). I知 using a digi mbox as my soundcard, and a dirt-cheap fatar studio 49 midi keyboard with a usb midisport 2x2 interface.

I have two Halion questions.

First, how do I change which Halion program my midi keyboard is triggering? For example, I load up the first channel/program with a piano, and the second channel with a synth bass. My midi keyboard only triggers the first program. If I activate the synth bass program in halion, i can trigger it by mouse clicking the piano keyboard in the halion interface, but my midi keyboard will continue to trigger piano samples rather than synth bass.

Second, how do I transpose? My midi keyboard is only four octaves, and with the piano, for example, it automatically maps from C1-C5. What if I want to map it from, say, C0-C4?

Also, I壇 appreciate any general software recommendations. I知 using this setup mostly to compose. I wound up with Halion and Acid randomly, because I have friends at Steinberg and Sony. But I知 willing to invest in a different sequencer and/or soft synth. My primary criterion is ease-of-use: I want to get up and running as soon as possible. I don稚 need to be able to heavily tweak and edit samples or mess with a lot of filters, effects, etc; I知 mostly just looking to create sketches of my compositions as easily as possible.

Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide.