View Full Version : Imprtant iMidi Rules for GS3 Developers

J.P. Schwinghamer
08-19-2005, 11:04 AM
I asked this question years ago when I was working on a private Fender Rhodes sample and now...a few years later...I'm going to ask again...Hopefully one of you GS3 developers with extensive programming experience with iMidi can help me out.

With the iMidi Rules in GS3, is it possible to control which release sample is triggered in relation to how long the "note-on" sample is held. So for example, in a piano passage...if you play a staccato note that's only held for maybe .25 seconds, an iMidi Rule would detect that as a staccato note and trigger an appropriate release sample (ie the release sound you would get when you actually played a staccato note on a real piano). In another passage you have a chord that rings out for 10 seconds, once again iMidi would detect how long the notes have been held and trigger a softer release sample at "note-off".

Is that possible?

I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that this is possible...as I think this method might be a viable alternative/addition to the Soundboard Resonance modeling that everyone is using now.



08-19-2005, 12:36 PM
I haven't dug into it, but I believe that "amplitude-matched release samples" are supported in iMIDI.

From the following article:


With iMIDI, you can filter MIDI data, create more-convincing legato lines, perform repetitions with changing samples, automatically alternate sounds (such as down-bow and up-bow), produce amplitude-matched release samples (for smoother and more realistic reverb tails), and apply various performance rules to incoming MIDI.