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09-18-2005, 02:59 PM
I've just received Kornels great Kontakt 2 script for Piano Sympathetic Resonance and made a couple of demos. Hope you like them!
This features TBO pedal up and release samples only.
No effects added, just TBO and Kornels great script, straight from the box!

While the TBO still sells for the special prerelease price (save $80), you also can get the Kornel script with a special discount!
Read more about TBO here (http://www.sampletekk.com) and Kornels great scripts here (http://music.mezo.com/).

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the demos:

TBO Kornel Script 1 (Big file! 21Mb) (www.sampletekk.com/proddemos/tbo/TBOKornel1.mp3)
TBO Kornel Script 2 (Performed by Richard Krull) (www.sampletekk.com/proddemos/tbo/TBOKornel2.mp3)
TBO Kornel Script 3 (www.sampletekk.com/proddemos/tbo/TBOKornel3.mp3)

TBO - The Big One by SampleTekk (http://www.sampletekk.com) , is the worlds largest sampled piano. With its pristine tone and 93 samples per recorded note it gives you a playing experience extraordinaire and unparalleled dynamic response

09-18-2005, 03:24 PM

I know I said this many times before, but the Konel script is really amazing!!!

I love the demos