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11-30-2006, 05:18 PM
The Garritan Holiday Group Buy Special

Save up to 45% on Garritan Libraries!

Jazz & Big Band, Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0 or Personal Orchestra
Only $139 Each!

We are pleased to announce a Group Buy for this holiday season. A Group Buy is a limited-time special offer where many prospective buyers have the opportunity to buy a product in bulk and get steep discounts based on the number of buyers purchasing. As the quantity of purchases goes up the cost of a product goes down. As certain levels of group sizes are reached, the price of the product goes down further.

To enter go to: https://amerifare.cybrhost.com/harps/GroupBuyForm-122006.php on or after December 1st.

GROUP BUY PRODUCTS: Jazz & Big Band, Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0 and/or Personal Orchestra


Start: December 1, 2006
Duration: 3 weeks
End: December 21, 2006 at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.


Number of Buyers........Price
0 - 70 .....................$199.00
71 - 149 ..................$179.00
150-199 ..................$149.00
200 or more..............$139.00

To join the Group Buy please fill out the one-page Order Form below. Shipping will start when the lowest price is reached and may take several weeks - First come, First serve policy. The final price (excluding shipping) is shown on the table below and depends upon the number of buyers that will take part in the Holiday Group Buy:
For the most recent tally, check this thread often.
We will in all probability reach the lowest price (though not guaranteed). Last year's Group Buy resulted in over 1,300 sales.
You can buy as many as you want. Multiple orders will be excepted with appropriate shipping charged.
By filling out the form, you agree to wait several weeks or longer until the product begins to ship. We will try our best to ship sooner.
There will be a shipping fee of $6.00 for those in the US, $15.00 US to Europe and Asia sent via US Postal Service. Please note to those outside the US choosing Postal Service, no tracking is available. If tracking is a concern, please choose expedited shipping (FedEx). Note: atypcial locations may incur an additional shipping fee when using FedEx.
No refunds available under the Group Buy. Since the product is coded with a unique serial number for each buyer, we cannot issue refunds once the library is shipped. Please make sure before ordering this item that it meets your needs and your computer meets all minimum requirement (see product pages on this website for minimum requirements for each product).
We will not charge your credit card until the time the product ships
Personal information is retained for the purpose of handling your order only. Any and all information you provide is kept confidential and your privacy is respected.
We also reserve the right to refuse to sell the product where we feel our interests will be jeopardized especially in cases of potential piracy.
In Europe, Time & Space will also be doing a Holiday special so check the Time and Space website for more details.TO PLACE YOUR ORDER GO TO OUR GROUP BUY ORDER FORM: (https://amerifare.cybrhost.com/harps/GroupBuyForm-122006.php)



Gary Garritan