View Full Version : Problems gettin JABB going in Finale 06c

11-21-2006, 11:03 AM
Haven't heard from anyone on previous post so will try my whining in a new one and see if I can get some help:

I have just installed JABB and have been trying to use it with Finale 2006c....but have been having some problems. I go through the regular set up for standard jazz ensemble, 5/4/4/4, as it says to do, but when I open the file, it starts giving me warnings messages that memory is running out, right in the middle of the trombones....it finally poops out altogether on the drum set. I've used the "Lite" version of everything. I've tried everything suggested in the Garritan chat room for JABB, like turning the memory off in the Kontakt Player, etc.
I think, from what I've read, that the problem is Ram memory. I only have 1GB but the manual and all the questions I asked prior to purchase, said that should run the full jazz ensemble. Do you think that's my problem?
Also I can't figure out from the manual or anything else and maybe I'm just thick-headed is, when doing the set-up from Finale, do you have to do a separate set-up in the Kontakt Player too....or prior to? It seems from the manual that you don't have to. What the heck am I doing wrong?
Thanks, guys for your indulgence. I'm not a real techie. I have no experience working with sequencer programs and maybe that's the skill that's implied in the manual and I'm lacking.
Best of Health. Fred