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09-18-2006, 11:15 AM
Hi! If anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it.

Getting the Strad to work with my Korg M1 (EX). I have Strad 1.06 - Just bought it and I use Kontakt 2 as well recording into Digital Performer 5.01 on Mac OS10.4(latest) G5 Dual 2Gig. Cannot upgrade to Kontakt 2.1 for some reason but am working that out with Native Instruments now.

I have the keyswitching working I think - I can get pizz etc and I can now see the keyswitching in Kontakt.

I have a Yamaha FC7 expression pedal. I use the joystick on the keyboard for modulation (vibrato)

The problem is that the attacks of the Strad are way to sensitive so I suspect from other posts here that the expression pedal is not doing it's job. The Korg M1 has a damper input plus 2 expression inputs. I can get the pedal to work with volume but non of the other settings. Does the Korg even recognize CC#11. It has several other options that turn effects on and off and VCF filter cutoff but nothing with CC in it. I suspect that an expressin pedal will not work with the M1 because the keyboard is too old. The midi filtering settings are all enabled as well. The keyboard has aftertouch but the Strad does not seem to respond (not sure if Strad even uses it)

Anyone else out there gone through this same or similar scenario?

One More thing - The Strad takes forever to load (3 minutes or more) I have a huge Bosendorfer piano sample in Motu's MAchfive that I thought used to take a while but compared to the Strad it is like lightening!

Is this normal?? I have 7200 ATA drives and Firewire 800 at 7200.

Thanks in advance - Am really looking forward to playing the Strad properly!


Giorgio Tommasini
09-18-2006, 11:25 AM

Please email me at giorgio.tommasini@tin.it


09-22-2006, 03:30 PM
Hi - I'm back with an update - thanks to Giorgio filling me in on what was possible, (what great support!) I now have a CME UF88 keyboard controller that actually recognizes the expression pedal properly so things are sounding much better. It also has 88 keys (as opposed to 61 on the Korg M1) and a great piano weighted feel and it was not that expensive-(600 US) so I'm in piano heaven and just starting to get hang of the Strad.

Now I need to lick the bow noise situation!

Thanks - del