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08-17-2006, 03:29 PM
Finale has some FAQ’s regarding Finale 2007 and Garritan libraries. Here is a little list with links to articles.
Why does my Native Instrument's Plug-ins (Garritan Personal Orchestra) not show up in Finale 2007? (Mac

Will my Finale 2006 files using the Finale GPO sounds work in Finale 2007? (Windows)

Will my Finale 2006 files using the Finale GPO sounds work in Finale 2007? (Mac)

Hope those who upgraded to Finale 2007 find this helpful.

Gary Garritan

08-17-2006, 03:31 PM
Some Finale PC users have reported difficulties in getting the new Finale 2007 to recognize GPO and JABB.

You will need to copy definition txt and VST .dll files from the 2006 FinaleVST folder to the 2007 FinaleVST folder.

Here is what to do:

CAUTION: Close Finale, then...

COPY the following files:


The files for JABB to COPY are:
Garritan JazzVST.dll

PASTE them into 2007 FinaleVST folder.
Be certain not to overwrite any files already present in the 2007 FinaleVST folder! Pay close attention to the filenames involved.

The next time Finale is opened, GPO and JABB should appear correctly.

IMPORTANT: Users must also remember in Finale to enable (check) the following:MIDI > Play Finale through Native Instruments VST

Thank you etLux for these instructions.

Gary Garritan