View Full Version : Does anyone one here own a mixtream

PaPa Chalk
07-02-1999, 09:22 PM
Hope you all like the new site. Let us Know what you think. On the sound card note I \'m trying to get opinions between pulsar, mixtream and Yamaha Dsp. I personaly saw the dsp in action with the ax88 at Namm but i must say i\'m intressted in soundscapes card.

PaPa Chalk

07-02-1999, 11:55 PM
The mixtreme is an amazing card---super quality excellent plug-in effects---1.6 will support it fully---16 outs --wow!!!

Joris Vincken
07-05-1999, 12:56 PM
Great new message board. It looks a lot like the Digidesign forum, but it\'s quicker and funnier( the icons). I have one question though, how are things with East West sounds. Is it true that they are being sensored out?

PaPa Chalk
07-05-1999, 02:22 PM
Thanks Joris Vincken. We changed the site in requests from many users who wanted more features like search etc. As far as the East
West situation they are not banned from this site. We made it clear that advertising through posts is not allowed to which there was no adherence to. This is because it would be unfair to other companies who pay/and want to pay for advertising. This site is free for users but we (PaPa Chalk & Desound) still have to pay to maintain it. We want to stay away from Companies using this forum as a bickering(battle) fields. The purpose of this site is
subjects on GigaSampler.
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