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12-06-2005, 01:42 PM
I just received JABB, must say what an impressive programming job - monumental. Tom and Gary should be very proud.

Question: Are there any known issues with using JABB loaded in Kontakt 2?

I set about creating a big band template in DP 4.61, using two instances of K2 in a V-Rack. The first instance has 8 KS brass and 5 saxes loaded across 13 MIDI channels. It seems that I am having difficulty getting some instruments to sound initially - mod wheel is up, the open-horn KS is selected, the K2 instrument shows MIDI activity and the voice counter flickers to 1 or 2, but no audio. After loading a different patch and reloading the original KS patch, sometimes more than once, it will start to work.

I would like to use K2 for JABB because of the flexibility of assigning CC64 behavior per instrument rather than globally, also nice to just load up an entire brass/ww ensemble with one multi.

Another thing I've noticed, when JABB instrument is loaded or re-loaded in K2 it always resets the MIDI channel to 'omni', even if that instrument slot was already assigned to a specific MIDI channel.

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12-06-2005, 02:13 PM
Once I got all the instruments sounding, after considerable fiddling, I just closed and re-loaded the DP project, and everything works fine.

I started on the rhythm section - these drum kits are really nice. The cymbal decays are a big CPU hog with polyphony set high, in a big template the user might want to lower drumset polyphony to 8 or so...

The electric guitar has velocity mapped to attack, much like the wind instruments. Playing softly results in a slow attack almost like I'm using my guitar's volume knob or a BOSS Slow Gear pedal to swallow the attack. This does not feel right nor match the characteristics of a real guitar. Maybe it just needs to be much more subtle.


Richard N.
12-06-2005, 02:49 PM
There are text files with default for each instrument that the JABB kontakt player reads when it loads each instrument.

When you use Kontakt 2, these text files are not loaded with the instrument, so the default settings are not loaded - you need to do this manually using the data from the text files.