View Full Version : Crashing and re-installation of Gigasampler..

08-21-1999, 07:39 PM
My Gigasampler LE (1.60) crashed recently when my screen (including the mouse) frozed as i start program. So i\'ve decided to uninstall the program and reinstalling from CD (the original GS LE 1.5). But when i start the program, the message that appears was \'Problem validating your system\'
What does that mean? What do i need to do now? Do i need to follow up by installing all the updates again(1.52 and then 1.60) and then run the program?
I have a Pentium III450 system with 256 megs of RAM and a GINA card/LIVE card running with all the samples and audio programs stored in a U2wide barracuda SCSI.
Can Nemesys help?

PaPa Chalk
08-21-1999, 08:43 PM
Contact Nemesys directly at tech support they will help you with this issue.
PaPa Chalk http://www.nemesystech.com/supportForm.html (\"http://www.nemesystech.com/supportForm.html\")