View Full Version : New features / bugfixes

Joris Vincken
08-04-1999, 12:48 AM
Great to finally have the 1.6 update (it\'s on the Nemesys site). Does anyone know what things are changed/fixed. Nemesys didn\'t make a read me file or something that explains the changes. As far as I can tell none of the request are in the program!

08-04-1999, 05:35 AM
I found the editor bug is fixed - it starts up much faster now, without checking the Hard Drive for GIG files.
The polyphony problem seems to be solved.
Canīt find anything more. None of the major improvements is done like bosting lodness to more then +6 db, individual level settings for layers, or more MIDI channels.
Iīd say 1.6 is a bugfix, not an real update. But thanx, now the machine works!

08-04-1999, 05:53 AM
Check out the following for details:
http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/1999/GigaSampler-16.html (\"http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/1999/GigaSampler-16.html\")