View Full Version : UPDATE: Zelda Reorchestrated

01-22-2005, 12:25 PM
Hey there guys,

Been a while since I posted about the project, but if you havent seen it in a while, Im slowly getting there.


Please give em a listen, and if you can help out at all, please lemme know. If youre new and have no idea what im talking about, look for the original post about TEEM NEEDED: Legend of Zelda.. etc.


01-23-2005, 10:48 AM
Hey i might be able to do a few songs. Know where i can get midi files for them? I forgot what these sounded like...its been a long time since i played Zelda lol.

01-23-2005, 11:19 AM
Well, i know, www.vgmusic.com has a bunch, but best thing to do is if your looking for a certain track, just gogle the track in quotes and add midi after the quotes, like, "Title Theme" midi

Hope that helps, would love to get some help!