View Full Version : RMX USer Library; converted REX-files; order.txt for user library (common problem?)

01-16-2005, 06:53 AM
I find it a bit problematic entering converted rex files into the user library. Watching Eric Spectrasonics' excellent tutorial video, it seems so simple converting rex-files and adding them to the user library; it's just that they don't show up in the interface.

Now, when I added the bizarre guitar folder to the EXP library folder, I had to manually correct the order.txt file to make it show up in the interface, as described. This I cannot make work with the user library and my converted rex files. Initially I simply saw no order.txt file there, which was why I created one on my own -- which of course has no positive effect whatsoever, although I was very careful to keep the hierarchy of levels of the folders and everything, not moving created converts around, etc. (Perhaps no order.txt file is necessary for the user library. What surprises me is that I keep reading the instructions for the RMX over and over but I can't see this described. Perhaps it's just as easy to add user libraries as the tutorial says, but in that case I must be doing something dead wrong. Any other user having problems with this -- oh, I run the PC, by the way.

Any other user having problems with and solutions for this, please?

by the way; this is the hierarchy structure for my attempted converted rex files:

G:\Spectrasonics\SAGE\SAGE Libraries\User Libraries\Converted REX Files\Hits for Kids REX\Monica1

order.txt is in User Libraries folder. (The text in this file only says Hits for Kids REX)
data.xml is in Hits for Kids REX.
Audio file (of 127 kB) is in the Monica1 folder.

Looks right, right?

01-16-2005, 01:49 PM
Don't mess around with order.txt files. That will defintely cause headaches for you later.

Did you move the converted REX Elements manually?

It's hard to understand your question the way you have written it....kind of confusing.

It is very easy to convert Bizarre Guitar and it should show up right away when you instatiate the plug the next time. Same with REX libraries.

If not, call tech support please and they can go over it with you and troubleshoot what is wrong with your setup. It's easier than trying to do this on a forum.


01-16-2005, 02:29 PM
Alright, thanks. Sorry for being confusing -- probably because I'm confused myself. I guess I'm just one of those who try to fix things when I run into trouble, without being competent enough. Guess I'll just have to send tech support a note. Thanks.

One day later:
Confused and confusing I am, but I am right. I fixed the problem now by doing as I attemped to describe, only I put my converted REX loops/slices into the EXP folder instead of into the User Libraries; edited the order.txt manually and -- wow there it is! Thank goodness -- I bought Recycle only for this purpose, (buying Recycke was recommended in the RMX video tutorials) so I am really happy it now works.

I still have to talk to tech support regarding the power filters but -- oh gosh -- I wish I didn't have to spend so much time tuning and rearranging the software. Where did the music making go?