View Full Version : Running VST under BRainspawn to Logic : )

01-11-2005, 11:03 AM
I got my Mac running Logic to play my VSTi in my XP machine using Brainspawn.

I got EW Gold
Stylus RMX

all running under one scene in Forte.

No problems whatsoever recording parts and hearing them back. No problems recording the signal in Logic (going SPDIF out of XP Aark 24/96 into SPDIF In of FW 410 on the Apple).

All is great but now I'd like to know how to get more dedicated assignment with Logic and the VSTi in Brainspawn.

Basically when I click on Ports in Logic I have these options

M-Audio FW 410
Midiman A
Midiman B

I got the above scenario running fine with ALL or FW 410. But the channel assignment is different from what channel the instr. are loaded into in the VSTI. i.e. GPO has a french horn in CHan 2 in GPO Vsti but its sounding in Logic via Chan 4.

In Logic Chan 1-3 are filled up with EW instr.

Is there a way to get the Logic chan and instr to match up with the Forte VSTi.

In Gigast2 there were ports 1-4. easy to match up with a sequencer (esp. on the same machine). But now that my sequencer is ona different computer, I'm a little lost how to put the numbers together.

Of course, I can keep on going the ay I'm going, but I wonder if there's a different way/more infomed way to do this for the sake of organization.

Thanks for reading and any feedback.