View Full Version : GOS&GS3. Compatible?

01-06-2005, 04:55 PM
Has anyone tried to use GOS with GS3 Orchestra? I used to use GOS with Giga 2.5. I now have a computer dedicated to GS3 on which I wish to install GOS from scratch! This means that I will probably install the Maestro Tools that came with the original GOS. I seem to recall something about an update to Maestro Tools in disks 19 and 20. I never did install that because I had trouble removing the original Maestro Tools. Therefore, I'm hesitant to install the product until I have some resolution to that question. However, even more important than Maestro Tools is whether or not GOS is compatible with GS3 Orchestra. Has anyone tried using these two products in combination? Have you had any problems, crasehs etc? Since I am blind, I would be grateful if anyone replying to this thread would Cc their response directly to my e-mail adddress as I have problems navigating forums with my screen reader.
Thanks in advance,