View Full Version : Replease Vln SusV EXP LEG samples by the Vln Grand Sustains

12-03-2004, 11:31 AM
Hi Tom,

Could you explain me how I can replace the samples in Vln susV LEG EXP by the samples from the Vln Grand Sustain ones?
I really like the sound of the Grand Sustain Violins (and violas!), but it want to use the tools which are provided in the SusV LEG EXP violins.
Can I just copy and paste them, or is it more complicated?
Is there also a Cello Grand Sustain, or is this the RichVibrato one?



Tom Hopkins
12-04-2004, 06:01 AM

Sorry, much more complicated than copy and paste. LEG instruments apply a technique that uses “masking” samples that can be switched on to smooth legato note transitions. A unique masking sample was created for each sustain sample of each LEG instrument. A masking sample is created by extracting a small portion of each wave file at a point just beyond the attack portion of the wave and matching it in timbre, amplitude, phase and slope to the sustain wave from which it was extracted. The masking samples are layered with the attack of the sustains when the sustain pedal is depressed. Creating these was a painstaking process that took many weeks to accomplish in the original library. Without sample-by-sample engineering the masking samples do not integrate seamlessly and actually make legato transitions worse, not better, because of mismatches. Once the masking samples are successfully created they are mapped to the upper portion of the keyboard and wrap around to the bottom of the keyboard when the range of the instrument exhausts the available keyboard notes at the top. The Maestrotools utility handles the switching (sustain pedal) and routing of MIDI note information to make this technique work.

All of this is just to explain that only by creating carefully tailored masking samples for each and every sample in the Grand Sustains and then mapping those masking samples properly will you get LEG functionality (assuming the extractions were successful).

So, why don’t the Grand Sustains contain an LEG version like the other Sus patches? Because the Grand Sustain patches weren't created by us; they were submitted by one of our users (Ashif Hakik) some months after GOS was released as a product. Ashif created the Grand Sustain patches artificially by taking the Grand Detache samples, extending them through multiple crossfade pasting, and then looping the resulting extended samples. It is all smoke and mirrors, but really good smoke and mirrors. The Grand Sustain patch was made available to users when we passed it along as part of one of the free updates.

Attempts to create Grand Sustains from detache cello samples using the same technique were apparently not successful. Because of this only the violins were submitted to us.


12-05-2004, 06:06 PM
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way that I could make a Vln Grand Sustain EXP ER instrument? Or maybe I could use the ER samples as a LEG? WHat do you reckon?



12-05-2004, 10:18 PM
I've had some good success layering the Grand Sustain EXPs right on top of the LEG Longbows EXPs. It's great for sweeping melodies!!