View Full Version : Lead Sound Artist needed, HL2:Alien Mod!

11-23-2004, 05:16 AM
What we are looking for is a very skilled Sound Artist,

You can find our forum here (http://www.redlink-studios.com/hl2mod/index.php)

If you would like to apply for a position our forum is the place for you.

:: The Mod ::
The main goal is to be able to create a mod where you can feel the adrenaline flow when a horde of aliens closing in. To do this we are going to try to push the boundaries of the source engine as much as humanly possible.

:: Gameplay ::
The basic gameplay is going to be based upon the old "Team Deathmath" mode, Team vs. Team (Marines vs. Aliens). We are probably going to add some kind of twist to the gameplay that will keep the two teams in balance. Marines will have an advantage on more open environments while Aliens will be better of in dark closed areas such as caves etc.

We are also working on several new gameplay ideas including one where you only can play as marines defending a fort/building/structure against aliens (Like in Starship Troopers 2).

:: Weapons & Classes ::
The marines are going to use the basic marine weapons like machineguns, handguns, shotguns etc, also some kind of vehicles may be found on some maps. Aliens main weapon is going to be melee, but a few support weapons will be found. The aliens durability and speed will be the alienís main advantage. As I mentioned before a few vehicles will be found in game, but most maps will probably be played in a darker cave environment where vehicel use will be very limited.

:: Mapping ::
We will also try to give the mappers a lot of freedom, we are going to add a very easy to use script language so that it will be easy for the mappers to add there own objects to the game. More information on this will be released soon...