View Full Version : POS loading Error when GPO Library not on sustem drive

08-27-2004, 08:32 PM
I have placed the GPO library on a separate drive (e.g., drive D for now) from the system drive on my P4 Carillon WinX PC. This is because I do not want to have the library on my System partition as it will leave me with only 34 % free space - a less than ideal setup. Using the D drive works fine for loading mutlis in my regular host such as Sonar or FruityLoops Studio. However when I use Personal Orchestra Studio with Overture SE and try to load the orchtestras preset, I get an dialog stating that the samples cannot be found and a find function is displayed. I have configured the GPO Kontakt player to read the designated D drive. I don't understand why is given the player is so configured.

Thanks in advance