View Full Version : GPO and Yamaha SW1000XG

08-21-2004, 02:56 PM

Has anyone installed GPO successfully with the Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard?

The current demo version of Kontakt runs fine; the GPO version always hangs.

I am using an Asus CUW-B (Intel 810 chipset). I have tried disabling the onboard video and installing a PCI graphics accelerator but had the same problem.

I realize the Yamaha card works best with it's own IRQ which I can force through the BIOS. OS is XP. Am using the most recent chipset and soundcard drivers.


08-23-2004, 07:01 PM
I have the SW and I never use the audio side of it anymore. But the wonderful thing is it will exist with many other cards. I have it working along with an Echo Mia.
Get an Audiophile 2496 to go along since it will provide lower latency, the SW does 23ms at best. The AP is down to $99 at most places.
GPO will hang but you will have to wait it out. Once it opens change the setting to the WDM drivers. I think it is set to Primary Sound Driver(or something like that) change it to Primary Sound Driver [SW1000 #1 Out] or the ASIO setting and see if that fixes it

Get another card and use the SW for midi. The card will be obsolete with the next Window OS change. Yamaha is no longer developing drivers for this card and XP will be the end of the SW. Mac users were left out as well. Unfortunately Yamaha refuses to let their source code available for the open source community to develope drivers. Such a shame for an outdated but fine piece of hardware.