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08-19-2004, 08:21 PM

My GPO package came last night, and this is my first attempt at taking a software-based approach to composing music. All I've ever done before is play an arranger midi keyboard (PSR540), record the sounds as wav in my PC, and use a multitrack wav editor to render a final product to disk.

I've read the manual, and opened GPO, the Studio Host, and Overture SE, set my keyboard as a controller- connected via serial port- and have been sampling the beautiful sounds of the GPO Library.

But I haven't been able to get the sustain pedal to work at all, no matter how I try to tweak the options. I've been reading threads about work-arounds to get both a sustain and a legato option in seperate instances, but this is way over my head right now. I'm just trying to get a simple sustain action on the piano.

Am I just clueless, or is my PSR keyboard simply an inadequate controller for the GPO? (Besides the fact that it doesn't have a mod-wheel, just a pitch-bend.) Any help or advice would be appreciated. I need to get a basic sound up and running before I even THINK about full-blown sequencers, templates, etc., so I can start thinking about music again.

Thanks in advance,


08-19-2004, 09:13 PM
Hi and welcome to the forum!
May I ask, did you click on "options" on the kontakt player? If not, open the options and look for "Sustain / Sustenuto Pedal Mode" In the drop down window you will see your pedal "options". I have mine set at "Normal Sustain / Sustenuto Operation Plus Midi Switch". There are other options in the same window.
Hope I've helped.
Nice to have you on board and looking forward to hearing your music soon.

08-19-2004, 10:05 PM
Thanks for both your advice, and the warm welcome.

Yeah, I had been through all of those player options, as well as the controller options specific to my little board, but retrying your suggested setting in combo with one registry tweak on the Yamaha fixed the problem!

The truth is I'm agog about this whole concept. I had been trying to save money for a "decent" higher-end midi/workstation keyboard, and was on another forum investigating THAT when I got some very good advice, and the proverbial light came on:

Why spend $3000 on a "better" version of what I already have, only to ultimately be frustrated by the plastic toy-like sounds and cheesey rhythm sections I never use anyway?

There is a software-based solution that is more affordable- at least insofar as it can be built incrementally- and has sonic representations that blow the arranger keyboards out of the water! This is so cool that it's knocked me dizzy.

I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS! Thanks again. And let me know if you've got music out there that I can stream or download and give a listen to.



08-19-2004, 10:38 PM

Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for help.

The player defaults to legato mode because we have so many legato instruments(brass,woodwinds, and strings). To get normal sustain for a piano you must set it in the player which is relatively easy.

It could be your PSR Keyboard is set up differently and is atypical. I have an old Kurzweil as one of my controllers and the sustain pedal works in reverse. Make sure you pedal is assigned to cc#64 sustain pedal. Sometimes they can be set to other things like volume. If you have Cubase or Sonar, Markleford has created some very innovative plugins that let you reassign controllers. See if you could borrow a friend's keyboard to see if the keyboard is the culprit. There are fairly inexpensive keyboards avaialble out there, but lets see if we can get you working with your existing keyboard first.

Gary Garritan

08-20-2004, 09:38 PM

Thanks for your response. The GPO is amazing! And I'm getting things worked out.

That you would monitor and participate in a user forum like this is unusual, to say the least. I'm sure I'll have many more neophyte-like questions before I've learned enough to be a giver- rather than a taker- of knowledge and information.

Right now I'm dizzy exploring everything- in a sort of sonic heaven where there is no music per se, only the excitement of potential- samplers, sequencers, settings, and of course the marvelous sounds of the library, and what can be done with them.

My controller is fine for now. I also have a digital piano (Yamaha P120) that I only recently discovered can have the local turned off and become a midi controller as well. Ideally, I'll have both plugged in- one for non-weighted touch response, and one for hammer action. A controller with a mod wheel is on the list...


Michael (Quasar)