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07-10-2004, 08:01 PM
My violas are sliding up to pitch for some reason. Porta is set to zero. :eek:

I am using Sonar 3.1 with MOTU 2408 mk-III on a Supermicro P4-DME+ motherboard with dual xeon 2.4 xeon processors. My tracks include midi tracks driving 5 tracks in GPO. Track 1 = violin1, track 2 = violin2, track 3 = viola (the misbehaving track), track 4 = cello and track 5 = bass viol. The 3rd track is the only one misbehaving. Any ideas??

I am new to this forum and if this has been answered previously, I apoligize...


Tom Hopkins
07-12-2004, 02:43 PM

Since the only version I have available on my machine right now is the one with the latest beta editing I can't really test your situation or examine the programming of the viola for possible problems with cc20. I see no problems with the version I have and I don't specifically recall fixing a portamento problem with that instrument.

Does the viola have this problem only in the situation you described? For instance, if you load only the viola into GPO does it exhibit the same portamento problems? Does it then respond to cc20 data properly?

The only other thought I have is: Are you sure you are confining the viola cc20 data to the sustain pedal down notes only. The next version will fix an issue that arises from "cross group" cc20 data causing unwanted portamento effects (both direction and intensity). This can mostly be avoided with the present released version of GPO by restricting portamento data to pedal down only. If you haven't already done it, try placing "zero" cc20 data in locations just preceding any problems.