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06-23-2004, 11:17 PM
Or its equally likely a feedback or tonal loop of sort from an unexpected source perhaps?
I 'll just be 'a'jammin' & then i notice when my piece has in it, a long sustain with a full keyboard or both hands fully fingered chord-notes(Playing thick, full-styled chord patterns with dual low octaves you know, and full, right-hand chords, seems to set it "off"...Suddenly I'll beginto realize my cats either sitting on my sustain pedal or my foots asleep, or some of my note are STUCK ....
and thank goodness i can un-stick-em,using my mouse, but I'd be way ahead of this game if I COULD FIGURE OUT THE CAUSE OF THIS....also I do know I could disassemble my Kawai midi controller and spray the daylights out of all the contacts inside with this can of contact cleaner I bought for just such a job., Its obviously a short somewhere, yes this is safe to say ,but its uncanny as to what would cause these virtual keys to behave as if there was some wedges in strategic spots at given moments...usually my octaves, and fifths the more robustly "keyed", seems to be a factor...


This never used to happen...
ITS a"new" anomale, so that can be immediately ruled out, what ever that first fix or check was to be... regarding whether its some new device or not.. yes it is... either gpo or aardvark or (ms) ........(my vote)....but it so, does not matter, I just would like to fix it if any fixes are "laying about", or say maybe a reader has had this problem in the past maybe...or just a good ol' theorist hack....go,duud... I aint picky IN THIS RESPECT

Jeff Hurchalla
06-24-2004, 09:23 PM
HI JBon,
What sequencer or notation program are you using when you get the stuck notes? Also, are you on Windows or Mac?

06-24-2004, 10:23 PM
HI JBon,
What sequencer or notation program are you using when you get the stuck notes? Also, are you on Windows or Mac?I'm so sorry ..I neglected that..

I have a pc (xphome)and am using the version of Cubasis that was on my gpo disk...I was already a bit "experienced" with cubasis as I'd received it bundled also with my first soundcard TascamUS224..

however also will be looking to use a CubaseSE which came bundled w/my AardvarkDirectpro2496..if it proves to be useful more so than the other one which I sort-of do expect to eventually learn.
Actually.. amigo.. I am less excited about it now... I do find that moderation of my volume levels are as always, a fit-all when it comes to audio feedback-type issues... I did simply wanna ask if it'd been a thing to happen to someone else!..
Thanks for the snappy response!

Jeff Hurchalla
06-25-2004, 10:33 AM
Well I'm not aware of any specific problems of GPO/Cubasis/and stuck notes, unfortunately :( I doubt you are using GPO Studio with Cubasis (we recommend the VSTi), but if so, the older versions of GPO Studio could have stuck notes in very particular circumstances. My best advice would be to make sure you are running the latest version of the GPO Kontakt player if you don't already have it, which you can download off of the garritan.com support page. It's also possible that the version of GPO currently in beta and being tested will help you when it's released soon - hard to say if it would help at all or not.

If you can find circumstances where you can create stuck notes while playing, then that would be a great help for me to reproduce it. Best of all, if you can create a sequence in Cubasis that will play back over GPO with stuck notes, then that would help most of all.

06-25-2004, 02:10 PM
Check your MIDI file in key mode and see if you have an over abundance of sustain. I find that sometimes my sustain pedal gets stuck in the on position and won't let go of notes. Also, make sure the sustain pedal messages in your GPO VST instrument are mapped to legato mode. If you're playing anything other than percussive instruments (piano, really) in GPO and have sustain pedal in the normal mode you will get lots of slurry notes. Bear in mind that the pedal setting is global for all instruments you have set up so you can't really play legato strings and have a piano using regular sustain pedal at the same time.

06-25-2004, 03:22 PM
{Also, make sure the sustain pedal messages in your GPO VST instrument are mapped to legato mode.}
=I am sure I can remember where this adjustment is made
You seem to have the idea about my exact problem, it sounds really just like you nailed it, from being there yourself before obviously... so thank you each, very much
This is some great assembly of special folks...
Since I am more careful to observe levels

My sticking keys have almost bothered me "zero", for a period of time that I have had only issues of the more "workable" type, connected with this......so It seems to be a thing I can manage with some moderation of my levels...so..