View Full Version : Crash with Soundfont and GPO combined?

Jesse Hopkins
06-19-2004, 03:09 PM
Anyone else having frequent crashes when they use Soundfonts and GPO studio at the same time? I always get the blue screen of death after about 10 minutes of smooth sailing.

06-19-2004, 07:07 PM

How are you playing the soundfonts? If it is with another software sampler there may be compatibility problems and the two samplers may be competing for the same drivers. It may be you're running ASIO with one and WDM with another. If everything is configured properly I'm sure there us a way for a soundfont player and the Kontakt Player to co-oexist.


06-20-2004, 03:58 PM
Anyone else having frequent crashes when they use Soundfonts and GPO studio at the same time? I always get the blue screen of death after about 10 minutes of smooth sailing.

I am very new, and have only intensively lived& breathed pc's for a year or two, just built my first, so,so, still buggy, recently acquired GPO ,am determined to involve fully its capabilities into my music production...
I am sure of some things, but the exactly proper place to post all this, I only hope to have chosen well my spot to first post on this special forum.
I am having crashes associated with my use/ attempted use of GPO with
Cubasis, Fruitloops,Live, and any thing else I try to use it with, but I am not saying I think its the fault of any thing other than my less than experienced hand on things, I simply wish to be here and be heard.(& be IN compliance)
I searched (crashesgpo) first, and I looked over this support&technical area and saw this thread's reference to a crash, so this is where i have spoken up.
I had told Gary when I reached a point in my woes configuring things, where I might coherently ask for specific answers for specific understandable
issues, I'd be asking, but since I am not managing my time as I might do if
giving best dibs to my personal aspirations etc. rather than being a Dad/spouse etc. well you get me. anyway i have opted to go ahead and say hello at the very least.hello I also just love what Gary has done for Music at large and more for those who wish to "play it" more uniquely, more excitedly, and more inspiredly, plus, I like it. I cannot consume the savvy quickly enough, however , so I am here, scanning and being glad I remebered this place (with help from a friend)

Speaking of which, the items mentioned by Gary, sharing of drivers,is some interesting stuff.. I will be such a better all round pc-monger as a result of my current embroilment in this mire I am in trying to get my DAW de-bugged, and configured with specialized vst instruments, and players, recorders, etc.
Where I should ask,what I should ask, and, some other variables,I must also consider, too, but for now......

06-20-2004, 06:57 PM
I'd like to say I have had some nice success learning the way to unfold cubasis's way of doing things or just a couple of things that seem less than intuitive to me, I have managed to work around and get by calling myself using the apparatus largely as it was intended to be uh ....used .
I just had to check in I figure my app Ableton will soon be midi host material on the up&up , and cubasis is capable .
I have converted one recording of cello into a Live .wav file and is ok too thanks

06-21-2004, 12:57 AM

Glad you were able to work around some of the issues. Computers and music technology sometimes will take a while to figure out and setup, but when you get everything working right, the music you make will be worth it.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Gary Garritan

06-21-2004, 01:58 AM
I will get around to wondering the favorite route for gpo users when looking for choral singers samples?.. and stuff, but I still am conjuring if theres a thing I could ask for you to add to what you did already for all and for the one...
I want this I will say , to manage as many articulations as can be managed , as I am geared to do for now, and also to be able to learn about any addional gearing up for articulation/s there are not presently available to me, based on what ever there is to be a basis... Thats about my sed at now.

Can we re-group individual articulated samples found in groups in any possible way?
I find myself wanting to chain certain arts in a sequence like say

your sets I've come to be familiar with enough to this point of my question;
first off-white"E"2 designates the bowing "straight "orback&forthbowing,the "F"2 is halfsteptrill, the "G"2is your whole-step-trill,and yor "A"2,is the "Plucked"

I wonder if I might make or arrange a grouping special made-like, say to accomodate whimsical alterations for specific performance/or piece
and what likelyhood is there you might do some trillls/samples to finish-out the rest of your basic interval trills as you started on?
I am not but trying for great to get greater .

I don't have yet quite the expertise in coding etc, as much as I'd like, but I am close on it s hiney parts, or tails ends of discovery, I might just could manage with the proper guidance so if you had the inclination i'd be interested in any tutural materials one might recomend.
These are just things that've occured to me to just ask about ; this thing is stupendously valuable in its form as is..

I am not upset at the aspect there may be added control (articulativetype),with an upgrade to a full player ,but I am interested inlearning what differences do exist exactly
Thats a couple things I did get articled fairly well..
I also noticed I can slow the bowing with the pitch , I bet it'd be a big problem to seperate these ? or just is ther a way to "vary" speed of the bowing in real time? maybe possibly later on or something?
The"DJ"S action available with turntable scratcher/controllers WIDELY available today would make such a nice feature to "bow" with!!! with a fine sample library like "G",or this little round midi dial thing on my Tascam US224 i never use... i'd love to be able to assign the functions to mimic a violinist or cellist, to anything among the several possible trigger mecanisms I currently have access to, here, at my pc

I bet there is already a resource I can discover exists now to enhance my abilities to articulate gpo and pc recording together and nicely along with each other.

I am a wordy one... I know it.
chastise me
I do want to communicate, effectively
in this place
data is paramount as in any.